Benefits of using @import and tags for web fonts

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Recently we updated the way that WebINK fonts are integrated into sites.

The new Dynamic Hosted CSS method uses @import or <link> tags to embed the fonts into your site.

This method has many benefits:

  • All fonts are included in a single, clean call to the WebINK server
  • Fewer calls means less “noisy” traffic
  • Faster web font downloads from WebINK
  • Font family names now customizable for your projects directly from the WebINK site
  • Easy implementation of SSL support
  • Still no Javascript required!
  • Never uses any cookies, so no concerns over European Law violations

For full details about how to implement fonts on new projects, take the WebINK tour. Implementation details are on the Publish tab.

If you’re still using the previous @font-face direct links to WebINK fonts, don’t fret. We will continue to support this method of linking for the time being. To take advantage of the new improvements, use these conversion instructions to get up and running fast.

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