Celebrities like Adam Sandler aren’t the only ones having June weddings

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Start your marriage off right with beautiful type.

With summer upon us, chances are good that some of you are planning a wedding. I know how hard that can be—watching my wife plan ours was exhausting!

Kidding aside (I did help), it’s easy to bring your wedding to life online with tons of tools to help with everything from designing custom invitations to planning to socializing and sharing your plans with guests (see the end of this post for some links). Some sites let you do it all from one place, keeping things easy and helping make sure everything goes smoothly on the big day.

Of course many of these sites are template-driven—and we know how we designers and developers feel about templates. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re bad, sometimes they’re just ugly. In any case, most of us want to make something that doesn’t just look good, but is really unique. WebINK’s got a wide range of amorous web fonts—200 tagged “wedding,” in fact—to help lend your wedding a beautiful and memorable online presence.

Browse our web fonts that say “I do.”

WebINK’s “wedding” web fonts run the gamut from contemporary to traditional to script to country. All fonts marked with a “P” are also available in our free Web Font Plug-In for Photoshop, so you can try before you buy with our entire catalog.

Here are some of our top suggestions to help start you off:

WebINK Bickham Script Pro

Bickham Script Pro

Bickham Script Pro (3 styles)
Traditional wedding script
Most script fonts are meant for headlines or larger text, and this one’s no exception. Bickham Script is an Adobe Original by Richard Lipton, based on George Bickham’s writing manual “The Universal Penman” of 1733. You could probably use Bickham for an entire print invitation, but for a good body font for web, try FontFuse to browse good headline and body pairs, or simply use the “body” tag in browsing WebINK fonts.

WebINK Bernhard Modern

Bernhard Modern

Bernhard Modern (4 styles)
Designed in 1937 by Lucian Bernhard for American Type Founders (ATF), this face can also be used effectively as body copy and is available in a wide array of typographer sets, including alternates, extensions, small caps and italic swashes.

WebINK Coquette


Coquette (3 styles)
Quirky and playful
For those looking for a contemporary typeface that’s still formal and fancy, but with a bit more “fun,” Coquette is a great choice. (And be sure to see my profile of this typeface’s designer, Mark Simonson.)

WebINK Goudy Old Style

Goudy Old Style

Goudy Old Style (4 styles)
Chances are good you’ve seen this oldie but goodie around. Goudy Old Style (also known as just Goudy) is an old-style classic serif typeface originally created by Frederic W. Goudy for ATF in 1915. It’s considered to be among the most legible and readable serif typefaces for use in print, and is highly legible online as well.

WebINK Bree


Bree (11 styles)
Bree is a rounded sans serif based on TypeTogether’s logotype, and it’s unique in that it’s clean, contemporary, fun, elegant, and versatile all at once. It’s perfect for headlines but looks good at smaller sizes, too. Bree also supports over 40 languages that use the Latin script.

Share your design love with our readers.

We hope you enjoyed this introduction to all the great WebINK wedding fonts available for your special day. We encourage you to experiment on font pairs. For example, you can also try pairing a traditional script face like Bickham Script Pro for larger headings with Bernhard Modern or Goudy for body text. Try Bree or Coquette for headings, and a more modern typeface such as Chaparral or Rooney for body text. Keep introducing fonts to one another until you find the perfect match.

If you end up using a WebINK font on your wedding website or invitations, we’d love to see them—just post a link to your masterpiece in the comments. And remember, lovebirds, nothing is as timeless as the love you have for one another, especially as expressed with thoughtful font selection.

More online wedding resources:

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Planning: ewedding.com, theknot.com


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