How to Combine Fonts

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One of the real challenges in choosing fonts for the web (and for print as well, for that matter) is pairing fonts. How do you coordinate a headline font and a body font that work well together?

Luckily, there is some great advice out there, and some great tools to help you quickly see how some particular fonts might work together!

First up, the tools to help you with your font-combo needs:

FontFuse works with our WebINK fonts, and is designed to help you create and share font pairs online. It’s free and easy to use.

FontDropper is a bookmarklet that works with existing web sites online, and allows you to drag-and-drop fonts onto text on a web site, and have it change before your eyes. There can’t be any quicker or easier way to see what an existing site would look like with different fonts. Also free and simple as pie.

Next, some great sources of advice on combining fonts:

Best Practices of Combining Typefaces, Smashing Magazine: Solid and easy to follow advice from Douglas Bonneville.
Four Ways to Combine Fonts, Hoefler & Frere-Jones: some masterful combinations and advice, but may be hard for beginners to follow.
Beginners’ Guide to Pairing Fonts, WebDesign Tuts+: mostly really good, except for the wacky claims about not worrying about having too many different fonts

Finally, there’s my own webcast on choosing fonts. The second half is all about combining fonts!

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