OurType web fonts exclusive to WebINK

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We’re proud to announce that the renowned OurType library is now available exclusively on WebINK as web fonts. The library comprises 508 fonts from 26 families, under the creative direction of legendary type designer Fred Smeijers.

OurType fonts sample

Arnhem by Fred Smeijers, Lirico Press by Hendrik Weber, Meran by Maurice Göldner, Parry and Parry Grotesque by Artur Schmal. Click image for high-res PDF.

OurType typefaces are often comprised of large families with many weights and widths (Fakt), often including complementary sans and serif typefaces (Parry and Parry Grotesque, Fresco and Fresco Sans, Versa and Versa Sans); related variant typefaces such as monospaced (Alto Pro Mono); informal and script (Fresco Informal Sans, Fresco Script Sans); and slab and rounded designs (Sansa Slab, Sansa Soft). One typeface even has a variant (Lirico Press) specifically optimized for when smaller print type is needed, like dictionaries, newspapers, TV listings and magazines.

This kind of attention to detail and craftsmanship are hallmarks of the entire OurType library, making us very happy to offer their web fonts exclusively on WebINK. See more and try them yourself!

More OurType fonts

Sansa Slab and Sansa Soft by Fred Smeijers; Fakt by Thomas Thiemich; Fresco, Fresco Sans and Fresco Script Sans by Fred Smeijers. Click image for high-res PDF.

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