Most Popular Web Fonts of 2012

Looking at the most popular WebINK web fonts for the past 12 months, it has been an interesting year! The last time we ranked our most popular web fonts was in June 2011, when we had fewer than 4000 in … Continued

Interview with Proxima Nova designer Mark Simonson

An interview with Mark Simonson, creator of WebINK favorite font Proxima Nova. This designer profile explores Mark’s background, design approach and process, and features exclusive font sketches provided by Mark himself.

New WebINK FontDropper 1000: Try new fonts instantly

See how WebINK web fonts look on any existing site, just drag-and-drop I’m very excited to introduce a new WebINK tool called FontDropper 1000, which allows you to try any WebINK web font on any live webpage by simply dragging … Continued