How to code OpenType features in CSS

You can do awesome stuff with OpenType layout features, in those fonts and browsers that support the features you want. Ligatures, real small caps, oldstyle figures, and many other typographically savvy options. Unfortunately, best practices for OpenType features in CSS … Continued

Carol Twombly Web Fonts: An Impressive Body of Work

Carol Twombly is one of a handful of type designers whose typefaces impress on a bunch of levels at once: in its variety of styles, depth of craft, inspired design and overwhelming popularity. She designed type for just over a … Continued

Webcast Series, Part 3: Web Safe Fonts Are Dead—OpenType, The New Frontier

With today’s luxury of browsing the web using a multitude of devices, including tablets, mobile phones, and more, there are no longer any common fonts installed across all devices. Thus, “web safe fonts” are….dead. Progressive designers have to plan ahead. Coming … Continued