Most Popular WebINK Web Fonts of 2013

It’s hard to believe another year has flown by already. Looking back at the most popular WebINK web fonts for the past twelve months, it has been an interesting year for web typography! Last December, we ranked our most popular … Continued

TypeTalk web fonts now on WebINK

TypeTalk web fonts are the work of Amy Papaelias, an outgoing New Yorker who originally created the fonts as part of her thesis project for her Master of Fine Arts degree. If you’ve ever seen me do a demo of OpenType features, … Continued

400+ more Adobe web fonts on WebINK

We’re pleased as peccaries to announce that we have just added 472 web fonts from Adobe to WebINK! From Alexa to Zebrawood, they are all there! This release includes many families never before available as web fonts, as well as … Continued